The Vermilion Implant Journey

For every implant referral, the patient will require the input of at least two clinicians; two pairs of eyes. Vermilion is committed to providing the patient with a collaborative approach in order to achieve the best results. As such, an implant patient benefits from having their treatment undertaken by an experienced prosthodontist as well as a specialist in oral surgery.

A typical implant journey at Vermilion takes four months and involves ten visits:

Restorative consultation

The prosthodontist will carry out a consultation and conduct a detailed assessment to determine your options and discuss these with you in full. Central to arriving at the correct treatment plan is time taken to fully understand what you, the patient, really wants. Our prosthodontists will give you the time and space to communicate the final outcome that you have in mind.

Treatment planning is an art, and it comes with clinical experience which is underpinned by extensive education and training. All of our prosthodontists have spent years training at the highest level and are vastly experienced practitioners who strive towards excellence every day.

Oral Surgery consultation

Next, the oral surgeon will meet you for a surgical consultation. Many patients have deep-rooted phobia about undertaking this kind of work in their mouths, and that is why our oral surgeons have additional training and extensive experience in conscious sedation.

Implant surgery

The oral surgeon will undertake the implant placement.


The surgeon will review your implant around three weeks post-surgery.

Implant hygiene 1

Your first implant hygiene appointment will take place in the four-month healing period from implant placement to implant restoration. The hygienist will ensure your gums are immaculate before the implant is restored by means of a porcelain crown.

Implant impressions

After three months, the prosthodontist will commence the restorative phase, obtaining impressions of the implant which will be sent to the dental technician to create a porcelain crown that looks as close as possible to a natural, healthy tooth.

Crown fit

One month later the prosthodontist will fit your new implant crown, fully restoring the missing tooth.

Completion Review

Within six weeks of having your new implant teeth fitted, you must return to Vermilion so your prosthodontist can conduct a free Completion Review to ensure that your implants are problem-free and to check that you are caring for them properly. After this appointment you are covered by our Vermilion Guarantee for a period of 12 months.

Implant hygiene 2

Around this time, you will also see our dental hygienist who will clean your teeth and coach you to continue this immaculate care at home. Studies have shown that mouths with a low plaque score have better implant outcomes over time. We are in this for the long haul, and we have a responsibility to ensure that you are crystal clear on what you should be doing at home to care for the health of your gums around your implants and natural teeth.


Once your treatment is complete, our Referral Co-ordinator will contact you. They will make a review appointment for you to see our implant maintenance team in 12 months’ time for the first of your annual checks. Our Referral Co-ordinator will outline our Vermilion Implant Maintenance Plan (VIMP) in detail and at this point you can choose to join our Maintenance Plan which commences once your 12-month Vermilion Guarantee period expires, so that you can continue to be protected into the future.

Annual Review

It is vital that you attend your annual implant maintenance reviews to ensure the ongoing health of your implant teeth. At these annual checks our maintenance dentist will:

  • Check the implant and restoration.
  • Obtain a radiograph to check the bone levels around the implant.
  • Obtain clinical photographs.
  • Assess the gum health around your implant.
  • Write back to your dentist with the results.

This maintenance phase also includes an annual appointment with the dental hygienist and will entail the following:

  • Check what oral measures you are taking around your implant teeth, and mouth in general, on a daily basis.
  • Clinical examination in relation to oral hygiene including brushing and interdental cleaning.
  • Professional plaque control measures including scaling to remove any calculus deposits on the roots of your tooth plus the use of the airflow to remove any superficial staining, leaving your teeth looking and feeling clean.

If you have joined the Vermilion Implant Maintenance Plan (VIMP), the costs of these thorough annual appointments are covered, including any treatment for problems that may come to light.