Orthodontics at Vermilion centres around five elements designed to make it possible to treat adult patients as simply and predictably as possible:

  • Treatment from start to finish by a specialist in orthodontics (a case can often be completed within 12 months)
  • Clear and “invisible” aligners
  • Digital impressions
  • Intra-oral case planning
  • 0% finance

Orthodontic options on offer include

Alignment Options

There are a number of ways to correct crooked teeth and improve tooth alignment. You can have fixed metal brackets and coloured bands, you can have clear brackets and bands which are less visible or you can choose a clear dental aligner which is even less obvious.


Aligners offer a less visible alternative for correcting crooked teeth. Firstly, a rough impression is taken then a second impression is taken with a fine material. This gives a very accurate final impression. A ‘study model’ is made from the impression. A number of other models are made which represent the teeth moving into position. From these a set of positioners are produced each one designed to move the teeth by a tiny amount. The aligners are used in sequence and the teeth are gently moved into position.

Vermilion is a provider of Invisalign, clear aligners that straighten teeth invisibly, without metal braces.

Clear Brackets

Instead of the traditional metal brackets and coloured bands clear brackets and bands are available to make the device less visible.

Removable Dental Appliance

Patients who suffer from crossbite often have a classic V shaped arch. A removable appliance is custom made to fit the shape of each patient’s mouth. Slowly, over months, it is expanded using the adjustment in the appliance. Finally, the arch becomes U shaped.