Oral Surgery

Many patients are referred to Vermilion for minor oral surgery procedures and difficult extractions, such as an impacted wisdom tooth.

The patient benefits from having this treatment done by an experienced oral surgeon in a calm and relaxing environment at a time that suits them.

The Vermilion oral surgeons are very involved with dental implant patients, providing the foundations upon which the prosthodontists can restore the patient's smile.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Frequently patients present for dental implants where bone at the site of the gap lacks width. Traditionally oral surgeons offered patients procedures such as block bone grafts to build up the bone width prior to implant placement. These procedures were unpopular, painful, costly and they had a high complication rate.

In most cases we are now able to predictably place the implant and augment the bone width at time of surgery using animal derived particulate bone graft materials, usually overlaid with a plasma membrane derived from the patient’s own blood (PRF).

Sinus Graft

Sinuses are large air-filled cavities inside the structure of our skull. When we lose upper molar teeth, over time the bone that used to support the teeth can be lost (resorption). This can lead to the sinus expanding into the tooth root area meaning there is insufficient bone to support an implant.

The oral surgeon can insert animal derived bone material under the sinus lining to encourage bone re-growth. Over a six month healing period the bone will vascularise providing new bone into which an implant can be placed.

This procedure offers hope; a way to place implants in those patients who had been previously advised they did not have enough bone to support a dental implant.