For Dentists

Why refer your patient to Vermilion?

Vermilion offers multi-disciplinary care for the benefit of your patients. In many cases, your patient will require the input of two or three clinicians to ensure the best possible outcome.

We aim to co-operate with referring practitioners and build genuine clinical partnerships. The Vermilion team is delighted to encourage all dental colleagues to visit the clinic to meet with their patients and observe their implant surgery, as well as discuss cases on an ongoing basis, resulting in a truly collaborative and open approach.

Many of our referring colleagues take advantage of our “Refer & Restore” service where they refer their patient to Vermilion for implant surgery and restore the implant themselves. This is ideal for practitioners who do not wish to undertake the surgical side. Vermilion runs an annual “Refer & Restore” course.

Dentist CPD & Dental Implant Courses

The Vermilion Symposium, a full-day educational event exclusively for referring dentists, will be held on Friday, 7th June 2019.

The next series of CPD will launch in Autumn 2019. Please email if you have any queries regarding CPD.

If you wish to refer a case to Vermilion please complete our online referral form or call the clinic on 0131 334 1802.

Online Referral form

Click here to access our online referral form.

A step-by-step guide – “How to refer to Vermilion” – is available.